Created by Barry Fitzgerald and Steve Mera, focuses on studying UFO/UAP encounters and their connection to cryptid sightings and other paranormal events originating in geomagnetic regions.

Discover the fascinating connections between UAP ​sightings, geological locations, geophysical anomalies, and paranormal phenomena ​through our cutting-edge research conducted within the UFO Investigators Training ​Course (UITC). Embark on a journey of discovery and uncover the truth behind some ​of the most enigmatic aspects of our world.

"SETI researchers uncovered a disconcerting hush in the cosmos, this prompted Fitzgerald and Mera to develop a shift in focus towards  anomalies that are surprisingly close "

Within the séance rooms of old, just as out in the fields and skies, anything can be manifested into a solid state. The problem is, we are not the ones manifesting it.

A massive amount of deceptive manifestations have presented themselves as aliens, ghosts, and other entities, something that creates intense curiosity about their true nature. How  should we regard  an entity the rejects our offerings of fruit and vegetables, yet is enticed by the aroma of sacrificial blood?

"The time for chasing our tails is over."

Project Doorway utilizes advanced technology to identify locations where increased levels paranormal events occur. These can be Ufological, Paranormal or involve Cryptids of vaious kinds. Researchers will learn essential safety precautions and avoid common pitfalls while exploring these phenomena.

"Their power, once unleashed, can be both enlightening and overwhelming."

Rock strata and magnetic anomalies play a significant role in the mysterious encounters experienced by humanity in certain areas. Aspects of the phenomenon involve the interplay between positive and negative magnetic fields, which has lead to tales of good versus evil throughout history, it is a fight that was never ours.

Since the mid-1850s, a mysterious new player has emerged, leaving its traces in the people and the land. It remains unidentified and uninterested in being found, frequently working within strong negative anomalies. We simply call it 'The Other'.

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The team is traveling into the mystical realm of the Spanish Pyrenees in mid-July 2024, where towering peaks conceal hidden valleys steeped in mystery. Whispers of tall whites, cryptids, UAP sightings, and ancient worship echo through the rugged landscape. Once there, we will embark on a quest to find the elusive Doorway, hidden among ancient rock...

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