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Barry Fitzgerald

'Desiderium profoundum cognoscendi'

                                                                                                                                              A deep desire to know

Author, researcher, and documentarian, Barry is not just a paranormal investigator but a ​visionary who seeks to uncover hidden truths about ​the world we live in. His passion and curiosity have taken him on a ​captivating life journey spanning over 35 years, exploring everything from myths ​and legends to ancient tombs and hidden spiritual ​doorways, and appearing on multiple TV shows such ​as Ghost Hunters International (GHI), Destination ​Truth, Ghost Hunters (GH), and Unsolved Mysteries. Through his work as a director of internet ​documentaries and as a television personality, Barry ​invites us to join him through Project Doorways on his daring quests to uncover ​the secrets of the unknown.

Should you like to contact Barry Fitzgerald, please email: barry@awakeningevents.co.uk

A Collection of Past Publications

Don't miss out ​on these must-read publications for ​all paranormal enthusiasts, ufologists, and cryptozoologists. Simply click on the chosen book title to be taken to the relevant distributor.

Over the millennia we have relied on mystics, shamans and priests to explain what awaits us in the next life, but what if it's all an illusion? What really lurks behind the veil separating this world from the next? Might this other world be something real and tangible and literally 'not of this earth'? In other words, might what we currently define as extraterrestrials perform an entirely different function. What if the afterlife is an illusion created by the beings that exist within that realm...

Join 'Legend Seekers' Barry Fitzgerald formerly of Ghost Hunters International (GHI) on SyFy and Cormac Strain as they explore the islands ancient and not so ancient history exploring and examining its myths & Legends. Using historical accounts they will venture to areas in Ireland not only above ground but below it in an attempt to discover the truth, a truth, which sometimes does not want to be discovered...

On their first adventure together, Barry Fitzgerald and Cormac Strain explore some of the histories of this very famous entity of Irish myth and legend only to reveal things are not what they seem. Interviewing eyewitnesses throughout the island of Ireland, they share their encounters. These are not stories from the dark regions of Irish history but rather within the last 50 years. 'The electric light killed the fairy' was an old assumption, but this is not exactly true...

This book aims walks the home owner and researchers alike through alternative solutions should they find their home haunted. Beliefs from all over the world are shared in this publication as well as true stories of hauntings which are bursting with shock and awe. This publication aims to guide the home owner through belief systems to reclaim their homes from situations which can be horrifying...

The Sídhe, 'People of the Mound'. Legend speaks of their kind and the encounters simple mortals have had with them over the course of our time on the island of Ireland. Is there anything more substantial to their existence than just words? Author Barry Fitzgerald examines the history of the Sídhe and their modern transformation into their present persona known the world over as 'Fairy'. This second edition paperback delivers Barry into the heart of their country and explores history and myth which becomes life threatening...

In Ireland, a coroner's inquest held into six missing children drives reporter Peter Walsh to question his loyalties as he follows a cold trail to understand what happened. Circumstances surrounding their disappearance are tainted with an almost supernatural element which confuses the authorities. Peter is soon swallowed by the colossal scale of influences behind the disappearances and it becomes clear that fundamental powers that remain in in the edges of our perception have been locked in battle and threaten the survival of the human race...

Documentary Shorts

Myth of the Fairy:

A study into the global ​phenomena of the Fairy ​among other names. However, is there a price to ​pay for their interference, do ​we even know where they ​come from?

The Space Brothers' Deception:

Their names and masks are ​legion, but could these beings ​be hiding a darker aspect to​their nature? False promises ​stretch far into pre-history and ​our global memories seem ​short.

Land of Giants:

Our planet has legends of ​Giants scattered throughout ​time however, is there any​proof for such stories? Is it ​possible people of great stature ​could have existed?

Giants of the Deep, Irish Serpents:

Ireland is host to many tales of giant serpents or worms that have appeared in its waterways and landscapes. These dangerous and often deadly creatures have left an impact on our group consciousness. This short investigative piece is a look into these tales of giant serpents and their possible long lineage.

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