Join Awakening Events for a Journey into the Unknown

Do you crave the opportunity to delve deeper into the world of the unknown? Look no further! Awakening Events is thrilled to announce an extraordinary series of events taking place across the British Isles and Mainland Europe. Our expert-led excursions promise an unforgettable experience, offering a unique blend of educational lectures, hands-on experiments, and exclusive access to locations where the paranormal phenomena manifest.

Day-Long Lecture Events: Dive into the World of the Unknown

Join us for our comprehensive lecture series, featuring renowned experts in the field of paranormal investigation and beyond. Our events will cover a range of topics, from ghostly encounters to cryptid sightings, and psychic phenomena to UFO mysteries. Gain a deeper understanding of the latest research and theories, and engage in lively discussions with fellow enthusiasts.

Are you ready to experience the ultimate level of exclusivity and revelation? 

Do you want to be one of the select few who get access to the most groundbreaking and eye-opening information in a world where knowledge is power?

Introducing "Off The Record", an unparalleled lecture that will challenge your perspectives, shatter your assumptions, and redefine your understanding of the world. This isn't just another ordinary lecture included in the day-long lecture series - it's a carefully curated experience designed to give you an unparalleled edge.

What sets "Off The Record" apart?

Absolute Confidentiality: You won't find any recordings or notes from these lectures anywhere. That's right, we're talking about a strict no-record policy. This is your chance to experience the unfiltered truth without any intermediaries or spoilers.

Cutting-Edge Insights: Our expert speakers will share their latest discoveries and findings, revealing secrets that are not yet publicly available. You'll be among the first to know about game-changing breakthroughs and innovations that will transform your life.

Exclusive Access: "Off The Record" is a limited lecture event, with only a select few admitted each time. You'll join an elite group of individuals who are committed to pushing the boundaries of human knowledge.

Apply for Membership: Don't miss this chance to elevate your understanding of the world and unlock new possibilities. Secure your spot in "Off The Record" by applying for membership to Awakening Events today. You'll get 48 hours advanced notice of the release of a limited number of tickets before anyone else and gain access to a network of like-minded individuals who share your thirst for knowledge and your desire for personal growth.

Remember, what happens at "Off The Record" stays at "Off The Record".


Expeditions to Key Hotspots areas: Be There When the Phenomena Unfolds

Become part of the team as we journey to some of Europe's most fascinating locations, known for their rich history of strange activity. Our guided expeditions will take you to sites where ghosts, UFOs, and other inexplicable events have been reported. You'll have the rare opportunity to witness these manifestations first hand, under the guidance of experienced investigators.

Hands-On Experiments: Get Up Close and Personal with the Paranormal

You can become a participant in our interactive experiments, designed to help break down barriers and connect with the unknown. From Séances to energy work and EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomenon) experiments, you'll have the chance to engage with the unknown in a hands-on environment.

Spaces are limited to our events, so take advantage by becoming a member of Awakening Events for just £7.99, and you'll gain access to some of these exclusive perks:
  • 48-hour priority notification before each event is announced to the general public
  • The opportunity to book your spot on your chosen event before the event goes live, and sells out
  • Access to our private online community, where you can connect with like-minded individuals



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